You’ll be hard pressed to come across another digital marketing agency with the technical and development capabilities that Getfused offers.  We take pride in knowing that as our marketing and user centered design teams come up with great designs and strategies, and as our clients’ technical needs expand, we have the development horsepower in-house to execute on those ideas in an innovative fashion.

Application Integration & Web Services

Each of our clients has unique needs when it comes to integrations and web services. Whether you need to connect with another service that you already use on a 3rd party platform or you need a custom function to be built by our team, we are ready for the task. We work with many clients who require integration with 3rd party systems whether it be a reservation system, online ordering, loyalty programs, gift cards or social integration.  Whatever your particular needs are, we enjoy the thrill of seeking the best solution.

Mobile Development

Our approach to mobile sites is a cross between responsive and adaptive design, meaning that every page on the desktop website is also available on a mobile device or tablet, just with a better-optimized design and layout.  This methodology ensures that our clients are able to not only update content in one place through the CMS but also be confident that audiences can access content regardless of their device. We also work with our clients to help them understand the benefits and cost implications of mobile apps. We often find that many of the items our clients feel they need a mobile app for, can be easily deployed in the mobile environment of their website. When we see that a feature is better suited for a mobile app, we work with our clients to determine the best avenue for deploying that app across different devices.

Front-end Development

Bridging the gap between user-centered design and development, our front end development team takes the approach that front end interactions should not only make a "cool" interface but should also enhance the users’ experience. By keeping the interactions aimed at facilitating the user’s experience, we are able to optimize both performance and compatibility.  These principles are used to create highly designed and functional experiences for our clients across web, mobile and social environments.

Website & Application Development

Our development team works off of the “keep it simple” mentality. This means architecting systems so that they are simple for our clients to interact with, simple to maintain and simple to further expand upon. We pride ourselves in our ability to simplify complex logic and abstract concepts into a workable solution for our clients. Our ability to take this approach stems from the diverse knowledge and skill set in different coding languages, frameworks and architectures, allowing our team to use the right tool for the job.  

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

We have a dedicated QA/QC team that is integrated into every step of our process.  Throughout the deployment of a system, our team is testing everything from functionality, to display, to use-case scenarios while ensuring cross browser compatibility. This confirms that pre-launch and post-launch the system is deployed as intended.  We also have specialized QA/QC processes for clients requiring additional security testing.