With the help of Getfused, TAN Wins Top Prize at TUGG Social Innovation Bash

Posted on October 12, 2012

Boston, MA – Technology for Autism Now (TAN) was a top prize winner at TUGG’s (Technology Underwriting Greater Good) Social Innovation Bash held on September 21, 2012 in Boston.  The Social Innovation Bash raises money for select non-profits around the New England area.  The winners are voted on by the community and TAN received a $12,000 grant from TUGG.

TAN's vision is to create a suite of mobile applications that will support the specific deficits that children with autism experience. It will provide tools for parents/caregivers, teachers or other professionals that are easy to use and customize so that they can be uniquely utilized for each individual child in a simple intuitive way. In addition, by using new mobile devices TAN can provide a platform that is colorful, engaging, and rewarding for the individual with autism, that is instantly customizable with camera and video capabilities, and that can provide data feedback and much more. Combined with the strengths of their collaborators FableVision, a children’s media company, and Getfused, a digital marketing agency, both located in Boston’s Innovative District, TAN is currently in the process of pilot testing their first app in the Boston Public Schools, as well as at a few other leading health and academic institutions. TAN’s larger vision is to create a robust suite of apps along with a community platform that can be used by people all over the world that are dealing with issues related to autism or other learning needs where these apps would be beneficial.

“We would like to thank TUGG and the entire technology community for supporting and voting for TAN.  The grant TAN will receive in conjunction with our win will enable us to keep working toward our mission of providing quality assistive technology communication solutions for the autism community,” stated Marie Duggan, TAN’s President and Founder.   “TAN’s vision is to create a technology-based toolkit for those in the autism community based on the enormous amount of customized visual supports that were unique for my son Michael and took countless hours to create.  When Michael was first diagnosed, I was completely isolated.  There were no community resources, no googling the web, no support system and no one I knew that had a child like mine, there was absolutely nothing.  Today TAN can provide parents, caregivers and teachers with the tools they need to help their children learn,” continued Duggan.

David Brown, Executive Director of TUGG said, "I am very excited for TAN. Their innovation - and their ability to pull tech leaders behind their innovation - is top-notch. TAN is a rising star in Boston's social advocacy scene and TUGG and the Boston tech community are proud to support their growth."

TAN’s biggest challenge currently is mobilizing enough funds to complete their product development and get their product to market so that they can begin providing these apps to the community that needs them the most.  The organization is currently accepting donations on their website.

For more information on TAN, please visit their website at http://tech4autismnow.org or contact Marie Duggan at (617) 435-2307.

Technology for Autism Now, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing quality assistive technology communication solutions for the autism community. TAN Inc. collaborates with parents, caregivers, teachers and all related health professionals to advocate for quality communication tools andemerging technology solutions. Corporations, foundations, and individual philanthropists have joined TAN Inc., helping to empower thousands of autistic children.

Technology Underwriting Greater Good (TUGG) is dedicated to catalyzing and spreading social entrepreneurship in New England. By harnessing the power of the region’s technology ecosystem to source, screen and fund social innovation, TUGG helps young people to realize their full potential through entrepreneurship, education and life experiences. TUGG empowers both the individual and the community to identify important issues and collaborate to solve them.